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Founder and CEO of Vanda Sports Group. Passionate about building businesses, charity involvement and being a good father.

Evolve or die!

“Companies are living organisms, if they do not evolve, they die”. I can vividly remember my father telling me this during one of our frequent chats on business in my early twenties. It is an established fact and yet from … Continue reading

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Dealing with adversity

Over the course of my career and especially in the last twelve months, I have found myself burdened with a number of adverse challenges to the businesses that were not planned for. It is neither interesting or relevant to go … Continue reading

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Effective drinking from the information fire hydrant

I read incessantly, I have 68 books on my Kindle in a folder called “wait list” and have 49 that I have read in the last 14 months in the archive folder. I have the same appetite for day to … Continue reading

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Lessons learnt from the North Pole

I had written another post that I intended to post today but when I was looking through my diary, I realised it is a year since I arrived back in Singapore from the Arctic. That journey provided me with the … Continue reading

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Letting them go….

When you gave birth to them and they have been part of your life for so very long, it is always a difficult decision to set them free. In some cases, they make the decision for you through delinquency and … Continue reading

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Here we go…….

Why the blog? There is no simple answer to that question. I can think of many motivations, some selfish, some not. I have thought about writing this blog for some time because I enjoy writing. I don’t claim to have … Continue reading

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